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KIDZ  JAM 是一個有顏色限制,但風格不限的街頭塗鴉交流活動,每年不定期會在台灣合法塗鴉區發起活動,邀請來自台灣各地的塗鴉藝術家,齊聚一堂共同創作,除了增加塗鴉藝術家之間的交流,也以顏色限制或者不同主題來刺激藝術家們的靈感與創意。


KIDZ JAM is a group dedicated to promoting street art, through planning art activities to enhance the inspiration and creative exchange between Taiwanese and overseas creators and bring the public closer to graffiti art.

By providing an opportunity for creators to meet and exchange with each other, KIDZ JAM promotes accessible and original communication, builds a good and friendly community for artists and fellow artists, and showcases the creative process and exquisite street art to the public.

KIDZ JAM is the first graffiti Jam that uses a limited color theme but not the style in Taiwan. KIDZ JAM invites artists from Taiwan and overseas to create artwork together while using the same theme to convey the artists’ views on the issue. It has become one of the original street art activities for international street artists to come to Taiwan.


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