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關於我們 | ABOUT US

KIDZ JAM 是一個致力於推廣街頭藝術的團隊,透過策劃各式活動增進創作者的靈感與創意交流,為藝術家與同好們建立一個良善友好的社群,並期許拉近民眾與塗鴉文化之間的距離,同時向公眾展示街頭藝術的創作過程和精緻的作品。


Paper Jam 塗鴉小聚,是個即興創作的聚會活動;活動目的是希望降低一般民眾塗鴉的門檻,配合當下音樂刺激沈浸式創作,並專注於啟發視覺創意思考,同時提供不同領域的創作者一個彼此認識及交流成長的機會。

KIDZ JAM is a team dedicated to promoting street art by organizing various activities to enhance creators’ inspiration and creative exchange. We aim to build a positive and friendly community for artists and enthusiasts while bridging the gap between the public and graffiti culture. We aim to showcase the creation process and exquisite street art pieces to the public.

We hold irregular events every year in legal graffiti areas across Taiwan. It’s the first graffiti jam in Taiwan to restrict color themes while allowing diverse styles. We invite artists from Taiwan and abroad to collaborate and convey their perspectives on various themes. To date, we have organized over 11 major art events, covering more than 3,000 square meters, making it one of the original Taiwanese street art events for international street artists to exchange in Taiwan.

Paper Jam is an impromptu creative gathering. The goal is to lower the barrier to graffiti for the general public, stimulate immersive creation with current music, and focus on inspiring visual creative thinking. It also provides an opportunity for creators from different fields to meet, exchange ideas, and grow together.


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